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International Women’s Day News: water4Her Ambassadors Announced!

Waterboys Team

March 8, 2021




In honor of International Womens Day, we are thrilled to announce an amazing roster of female athletes and influencers who are joining our water4Her movement to help empower 100,000 women through access to clean water.

Join us in welcoming Betsy Brandon, Laurel Ivory, Joyce Ekworomadu, Mina Kimes, Brianna Westrup, Charissa Thompson, Alyssa Gialamas, Colleen Wolfe, Brittany Ammerman, Makenzy Doniak, Kristen McNabb, Olayinka Sanni, Julie Ertz, and Heather Mitts Feeley.

When women are given access to clean water, they’re given the opportunity to live, learn, earn, lead and thrive in their communities. Join our new team of ambassadors and help bring new opportunities to women in need.


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